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    Karat 3.5-6.3
    Karat 2.8 / Karat 12
    Karat 36
    Karat IV

    fixed lens mount
    - Altix I-IV
    interchangeable lens mount
    - Altix V, n, nb

    Akarette / Akarelle
    Akarex I, III
    Arette series
    Akarelle (new)

    Periflex I
    Periflex II, III
    Periflex 3a, Gold Star
    Interplan-A, C
    Corfield 66

    fixed lens mount
    - Diax I, II, Diaxette, L-1
    interchangeable lens mount
    - Diax Ia,IIa,Ib,IIb, Standard

    Finetta I-IV
    Finetta Super
    Finetta 88
    Finetta 99 / 99L / Ditto 99
    Finetta lens mounts
    Finetta accessories

    Iloca l, la
    Iloca ll, lla
    Iloca Quick series
    Iloca Rapid series
    Iloca Aut-o-Matic
    Iloca Electric
    Iloca Stereo
    Iloca serial numbers

    Regula I series
    Regula II series
    Regula III series
    later Regulas

    - prewar
    - postwar
    - prewar
    - postwar
    non-folding cameras
    reflex cameras

    folding Retinettes
    non-folding Retinettes

    later versions

    Minolta A1 - A5 series
    Minolta Autowide
    Minolta V2
    Minolta Uniomat I-III
    Minolta Electro Shot
    Minolta 24 Rapid
    Minolta Hi-Matics

    Photavit II-V
    Photavit 36
    Photina TLR

    Edinex I, S, III

    Agfa non-Karats
    Braun Paxette / Colorette
    Exakta / Exa / Parvola
    Kodak non-Retinas
    Neidig / DeJUR
    Oehler Infra
    Zeiss Ikon / CZ Jena

    Adox 300
    Adox Polomat
    Agilux Auto Flash Super 44
    Agilux Agima / Agimatic
    Aires 35-III L
    Altissa Altuca
    Argus A
    Argus CC
    Argus C3 Matchmatic
    Argus V-100
    Argus Argoflex EF
    Bencini Koroll 24S
    Bencini Comet 44
    Bencini Cometa
    Berning Robot I
    Berning Robot II
    Bilora Bella / Bella 44
    Bolsey 35 model B
    Braun Gloriette
    Braun (Super) Colorette
    Canon II-F
    Canon AT-1
    Canon Demi
    Certo Super Dollina
    Certo Six
    Clarus Model MS-35
    Coronet Viscount
    Coronet 6x6
    Dacora Digna
    Durst Automatica
    Durst 66
    Elop Elca II
    Ensign Selfix 16-20
    Ensign Multex II
    Eumig Eumigetta I
    Feca A (Junior)
    Fed-1 G
    Ferrania Lince III
    Foitzik Foinix
    Foth Derby
    Franka Solida IIIE
    Franka Rolfix IIE
    Franka (Super) Frankarette
    Fuji Emi-K
    Fujica Rapid D1
    Fujica 35-EE
    Fujita Kalimar Reflex
    GAF Anscomatic 726
    Gelto-DIII / New Gelto
    Gelto Arsen
    Graflex Ciro 35
    Graflex Graphic 35 Electric
    Goldammer Golda
    Goldi Goldeck
    GOMZ Leningrad
    Hanimex A35 (Samoca M-35)
    Hunter 35 / Hunter 35 RF
    Ideal Color
    Ilford Sportsman Auto RF
    IOR Orizont
    Ising Puck
    Ising Isis
    Kershaw 630
    Kiev 4 / 4AM
    Klein IIa
    Kochmann Korelle K
    Konica I
    Konica II
    Konica III
    Konica Konilette 35
    Konica S2 / C35
    Konishiroku (Konica) Pearl
    KW Praktica
    KW Praktina FX, IIA
    Leica IIIa, IIIc, IIIf
    Leica M3
    Lumière Eljy
    Mamiya Magazine 35
    Mamiya Ruby Standard
    Mimosa I / Mimosa II
    Münch Rixa 4.5
    Nagel Pupille
    INA Navax
    Nedinsco Primo
    Nikon S2
    Officine Galileo Condor I
    Olympus OM10
    Pentacon F
    Picny by Miyagawa
    Polaroid SLR 680
    Rank Mamiya
    Ricoh 800 EES
    Ricoh Auto Shot
    Rodehüser Panta
    Rodenstock Citonette
       (Welta Perle)

    Rollei B35
    Rolleicord I Art Deco
    Rolleicord IIe
    Rolleicord Va
    Rolleiflex Original
    Rolleiflex 2.8E
    Samoca 35 III
    Samoca M-35
    Samoca EE-28
    Shinano Lacon
    Steinette / Hunter 35
    Steinheil Casca
    Tahbes Synchro Camera
    Trusite Girl Scout Minicam
    Universal Mercury II
    Univex Iris
    Vena Venaret
    Vredeborch Felica (Reporter)
    Vredeborch Nordina
    Welta Belmira
    Welta Penti II
    Welta Trio
    Welta Welti
    Wittnauer Professional
    Wöhler Favor
    WZFO Fenix-I/Fenix-Ib
    Yashica Mimy
    Yashica 72-E
    Yashica Half 17 Rapid
    Yashica Lynx-14E
    Zeh Goldi (4x6 variant)
    Zorki 4K


    On these pages you'll find my collection of vintage cameras and some information on how to fix them, as many of these showed the signs of age and long neglect and it seemed wrong to leave them in that state. Note that this site is, and probably will always be, a work in progress.

    If you want to comment on anything on the website or perhaps want to know more about how to fix certain cameras, please feel free to contact me at:

    Recent updates (10.11.17)

    camera wordle Agfa Karat, Iloca, King Regula, Kodak Retina, Kodak Retinette

    About me
    My name is Cees-Jan de Hoog and I live near Edinburgh, Scotland. I am a keen but at best gets-lucky-sometimes amateur photographer, a vintage camera collector with a serious case of camera aquisition syndromome, and most recently a self-taught camera repair man with reasonable skill but generally unable to keep up with the growing collection.

    As I have a scientific analytical background, you'll probably find these pages reflect that. I like numbers, categorising things and understanding how things work and came to be. My artistic side has suffered somewhat during the last years whilst I focussed on the technical site of photography, but you can find me on Flickr as stroop.wafel.

    As I do like to see these old cameras getting a second lease of life in this digital age, I service and repair them for a reasonable fee, please click the camera repair link for info.

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    Recent updates/additions (click item to visit):

    November 2017
    Agfa Super Isolette
    Canon P
    Clarus Model MS-35
    Corfield Interplan-C
    Corfield Periflex v1 (pigskin)
    Futura-S with Futura-Ampligon 35mm f/4.5 lens
    King Regula Citalux 300 v2
    Kodak Retinette IA (French version)
    Konica III
    KW Praktina FX/ Praktina IIA
    Leica M3 DS with f3.5 Elmar
    Univex Iris
    Zeiss Ikon Tenax II

    Oktober 2017
    Voigtlander Prominent II with f/1.5 Nokton
    Voss Diax (v2)
    Merkel Metharette
    Agfa Ambiflex with 55/2 Color-Solagon
    Berning Robot I

    September 2017
    Diax Standard
    Welta 9x12 plate camera
    Adox Adrette II w/ body release
    Leidolf Lordox Super Automat
    Akarelle V
    Zimmerman Luxette and Luxette 'S'
    Agfa Karat 2.8 v1b (whole page updated)

    August 2017
    Futura Standard (early) with Frilon f/1.5 lens
    Futura-S with windlever
    Gewirette (first version)
    Aires 35-III L
    Agfa Jsolette
    Canon AT-1

    July 2017
    Nikon S2
    Welta Trio
    Zeiss Ikon Super Nettel
    Balda Super Baldinette
    Balda Baldaxette II
    Balda Baldalux
    Finetta II
    Agfa Karat 2.8 v1
    Agfa Clack
    Kodak Six-20 'Brownie' C

    June 2017
    Ansco Titan
    Kodak Medalist and Medalist II
    Goldammer Golda
    Goldammer Goldix 4x4
    Rolleiflex Original
    Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35
    Rodenstock Citonette (Welta Perle)
    Kodak Retina S2
    Altissa Altix IV Yugo
    Optina I (Akarette IA)
    Voigtlander Vito B with Skopar f/2.8

    May 2017
    Corfield 66
    Minolta Memo
    Adox Adrette I
    Bencini Koroll "S"
    King Regula I.Po
    New section on changes during Regula II series production

    April 2017

    Berning Robot I
    Adox 300
    Konica I
    Konica II
    Konica Konilette 35
    Rolleiflex 2.8E
    Corfield Periflex 2
    Corfield Periflex 3a with Retro-Lumax 28mm f/3.5
    Iloca Ia 'Made for Navy Service'
    Kodak Retina II with Rodenstock Heligon
    Meritar 50mm f/2.9 for Altix III

    March 2017

    Agfa Billy-Clack
    Adox Adrette I
    Balda Baldi
    Balda Jubilette
    Fujita Kalimar Reflex
    Ihagee VP Exakta model B
    Iloca Quick-B with Westar lens
    King Regula Miniking-LK
    Kodak Retina IIIc Ausf II
    Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic
    Kodak Vollenda 620
    Leidolf Unimatic 707
    Minolta Six
    Minolta Repo v1
    Minolta Super 'A'
    Purma Special
    Vivitar 35ES
    Yashica Lynx-14E
    Zeca Goldi (6x4 variant)
    Zeca Goldi (3x4 variant with Leitz Elmar)

    February 2017

    Ihagee Exakta VX500 with CZJ Flektogon 50/4
    Olympus OM10
    Minolta AL-2
    Semi Minolta II
    Agfa Isolette
    Wirgin Edinex with Xenon
    Akarelle (first version)
    Steinheil Quinon for Paxette SLK
    Boltavit I
    Photavit 828 with Xenon
    Mamiya Magazine 35
    Kodak Brownie 127
    Leitz Summar

    January 2017

    Kodak Retina (type 118) with Carl Zeiss Tessar
    Zeiss Ikon Icarette I
    Iloca Aut-o-matic

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