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The Iloca range of cameras was made by Wilhelm Witt in Hamburg. The first camera was called Ilca, after its founder A.W. Illing. However, the name was soon changed to Iloca due to pressure from Zeiss Ikon, as the name was too similar to their Ica brand. The first Iloca was produced around 1950. Although the company perhaps initially made their own Jlitar lenses, sales brochures from the time indicate that the lenses were in fact made by Optische Werke Göttingen Gmbh. Later Iloca models had branded Steinheil Cassar lenses.
Iloca was quite an innovative company. It was one of the first with a wind level (called the rapid winder) and the last model, the Iloca Electric, was the first fully motorised camera. It was also known for its range of excellent stereo cameras. Unfortunately Iloca ran into trouble with shutter suppliers and became insolvent in 1960. The remains were bought by Agfa and its Selecta-m was a direct descendent of the Iloca Electric.

Iloca I photo Iloca Electric photo

Only ten years of Iloca history... from the rather simple 1950 Iloca I to the 1959 Iloca Electric with coupled lightmeter and rangefinder, motor wind and interchangeable lenses.