Karat IV


Agfa Karat IV

The 1955 Karat IV was a restyled and updated version of the Karat 36 that had a coincidence rangefinder with a rangefinder patch, as opposed to the double mirror version of the previous Karats. It came with one of four lenses: a Karat-Xenon f/2, a Rodenstock Heligon f/2, an Agfa Solinar 50/2.8 or an Agfa Solagon 50/2, the latter two by far the most common. For the Karat IV Agfa no longer used Compur shutters but a Prontor-SVS instead.
Due to the new rangefinder the Karat IV looked more modern that its predecessors and more in line with the Agfa Silette series, in particular the Super Silette which also sported the red diamond-shaped Agfa logo in-between its rangefinder windows. It still featured the quirky wind lever of the earlier Karats.
This was the last Karat model to be produced. The Karat cassette system, initially abandoned with the introduction of the Karat 36, would have a revival in the 1960s as the Rapid cassette system.

Agfa Karat IV Solagon photo

A Karat IV with Solagon f/2 lens, the best-featured Karat out there.

Agfa Karat IV Solinar photo

A Karat IV with Solinar f/2.8 lens and matching depth of field scale.