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The Altissa Altix was first build in Dresden, Germany, in 1939. Production of the first model continued shortly after the war and was soon followed by models II and III. These were all small and relatively simple viewfinder cameras with frame sizes smaller than the typical 35x24mm format. Several had lenses that were in principle interchangeable, but only one lens with a focal length other than standard lenses appears to have been made.

The Altix IV used the 35x24mm format. The Altix V was similar but had interchangeable lenses, including three standard lenses, a 90mm lens and a 35mm lens. The later Altix-n and Altix-nb models (the latter included a light meter) had restyled bodies and wind levers. No rangefinder models were produced even though the internals of the later Altix-n models show a rangefinder window frame. This suggests there had been plans to develop a rangefinder model, but by that time the Altissa company was incorporated in the large Pentacon Vbf.

Altissa Altix I photo Altissa Altix-nb photo

Twenty years of Altix history... from the 1939 Altix I on the left to the 1958-60 Altix-nb on the left.