All cameras

Here are all cameras on this site by brand in alphabetical order. Please refer to the main page you just came from for a more organised overview, click on the camera name to go to its dedicated section on this site.
Rebranded cameras have the orginal name in brackets. Please find me a camera brand starting with an 'X' so I have all the letters!

Adams 351 (by Leidolf)

Adloff 'Singlo' Tex
Adox 300
Adox 35 (Neidig Perlux)
Adox Adoxette (Wirgin Gewirette)
Adox Adrette I (Wirgin Edinex 0)
Adox Adrette II (Wirgin Edinex 0)
Adox Polomat
Agfa Agfamatic Sensor 200
Agfa Ambi Silette v1
Agfa Ambi Silette v2
Agfa Ambiflex
Agfa Automatic 66
Agfa Billy-Clack
Agfa Clack
Agfa Colorflex
Agfa Iso-Rapid I
Agfa Karat 6.3 Art Deco
Agfa Karat 6.3
Agfa Karat 4.5 v.1
Agfa Karat 4.5 v.2
Agfa Karat 3.5 v.1 (pre-war)
Agfa Karat 3.5 v.2 (pre-war)
Agfa Karat 3.5 v.3 (post-war)
Agfa Karat 2.8 v.1
Agfa Karat 2.8 v.2
Agfa Karat 12
Agfa Karat 36 v.1
Agfa Karat 36 v.2
Agfa Karat 36 v.3
Agfa Karat IV
Agfa Karomat 36
Agfa Isolette III
Agfa Isolette V
Agfa Jsolette
Agfa Memo
Agfa Record III
Agfa Selecta-m
Agfa Selectaflex
Agfa Silette I
Agfa SL
Agfa Standard (117 film)
Agfa Solinette II
Agfa Super Isolette
Agfa Super Silette
Agfa Super Solinette
Agilux Agiflex
Agilux Agima
Agilux Agimatic
Agilux Auto Flash Super 44
Aires 35-III L
Aires Viscount
Aka Akarette I
Aka Akarette 0
Aka Akarette II
Aka Akarelle
Aka Akarex I
Aka Akarex III
Aka Arette IA
Aka Arette IB
Arette Bn
Arette IC
Aka Arette C
Aka Arette ID
Arette DN
Aka Arette Bw
Aka Arette BW v2
Akw Arette W
Akw Arette Automatic-S
Akw Arette Super-P
Akw Akarelle Bw
Akw Akarelle V
Akw Akarelle Automatic SE
Altissa Altix I
Altissa Altix II
Altissa Altix III
Altissa Altix IIIA
Altissa Altix IV
Altissa Altix V
Altissa Altix-n
Altissa Altix-nb
Altissa Altuca
Ansco Karomat (Agfa Karat 36)
Ansco Autoset CdS (Minolta)
Ansco Titan (Agfa)
Arat Rapido (Agfa Karat 36 variant)/a>
Argus A
Argus C3
Argus CC
Argus Argoflex EF
Argus V-100 (Iloca Rapid IIL variant)
Artima Arti-Six
Artima Photo Miami
Asahi Pentax S2

Balda Baldamatic II

Balda Baldalux
Balda Baldamatic III
Balda Baldaxette II
Balda Baldessa
Balda Baldi
Balda Baldina (collapsible)
Balda Baldina (folder)
Balda Baldinette
Balda Jubilette
Balda Juwella
Balda Mess Baldinette
Balda Mess Baldix 6x6
Balda microscope camera
Balda Super Baldax 6x6
Balda Super Baldina
Balda Super Baldinette
Balda Supermatic I
Beier Beier-Matic
Beier Beira
Beier Beirette v.1
Beier Beirette v.2
Beirette K
Beier Beirette v
Beier Precisa II
Beier Rifax 6x9
Belca Beltica II
Bencini Koroll "S"
Bencini Koroll 24S
Bencini Comet 44
Bencini Comet III
Bencini Cometa
Berning Robot I
Berning Robot II
Berning Robot Recorder 36M
Berning Robot Royal 36
Berning Robot Star
Berning Robot Star II Vollautomat 'No Name'
Bilora Bella
Bilora Bella 44
Birnbaum Super Perforetta
Bolsey 35 model B
Boltavit I
Boltavit II (aka Photavit I)
Braun Colorette
Braun Super Colorette II
Braun Super Colorette IIBL
Braun Gloria
Braun Gloriette
Braun Norca Super
Braun Paxette I
Braun Paxette II
Braun Paxette IIM
Braun Paxette Electromatic IA
Braun Paxette Reflex IB
Braun Paxette Super I
Braun Paxette Super II
Braun Paxette Super IIB
Braun Paxette Super IIBL
Braun Paxette Super IIL
Braun Paxette Super III

Canon II-F

Canon AT-1
Canon P
Canon S-II
Canon Demi
CZJ Werra original
CZJ Werra 1
CZJ Werra 2
CZJ Werra 3
CZJ Werra 5
CZJ Werramat
CZJ Werramatic
CZJ Werra microscope camera
Certo Durata
Certo Six
Certo Super Dollina
Closter Princess
Corfield 66
Corfield Interplan-A
Corfield Interplan-B
Corfield Interplan-C
Corfield Periflex
Corfield Periflex 2
Corfield Periflex 3
Corfield Periflex 3a
Corfield Periflex 3b
Corfield Periflex Goldstar
Corfield Technical 35
Clarus Model MS-35
Coronet Midget
Coronet Viscount
Coronet 6x6

Dacora Digna

Dacora Royal
DeJUR D-1 (Neidig Perlux Ia)
DeJUR D-3 (Neidig Perlux IIa)
Ditto "99" (Finetta 99)
Diax I
Diax Ia
Diax Ib
Diax II
Diax IIa
Diax IIb
Diax L-1
Diax Standard
Durst 66
Durst Automatica
Durst Duca

Elop Elca II

Ensign Multex
Ensign Selfix 16-20
Eta Etareta
Eumig Eumigetta I
Eumig Eumigetta II

Feca A

Fed-1 G
Ferrania Lince III
Finette I
Finette II
Finetta I
Finetta II
Finetta III
Finetta IV
Finetta 88
Finetta 99
Finetta 99L
Finetta Super
Foitzik Foinix
Foth Derby
Franka Frankarette
Franka Rolfix IIE
Franka Solida IIL
Franka Solida IIIE
Franka Super Frankarette
Fuji Emi-K
Fujica 35-EE
Fujica Rapid D1
Futura P
Futura Standard

GAF Anscomatic 726

Gamma Perla
Gelto Arsen
Gelto-DIII / New Gelto
Gelto-NKS Tokyo
Gelto Northter-II
Gelto Semi
Graflex Ciro 35
Graflex Graphic 35 Electric (Iloca Electric)
Goldammer Golda
Goldammer Goldix 4x4
Goldi Goldeck
GOMZ Leningrad

Haking Halina 35X

Haking Halina 6-4
Haking Halina AI
Haking Halina Paulette Electric
Hanimex A35 (Samoca M-35)
Hapo 36 (King Regula Cita variant)
Hunter 35 (Steiner Steinette)
Hunter 35 RF

Ideal Color

Ihagee Auto Ultrix Vest
Ihagee Exa 0
Ihagee Exa Ia
Ihagee Exa 500
Ihagee Exakta Varex
Ihagee Exakta VX500
Ihagee VP Exakta model B
Ihagee Parvola
Ilford Advocate
Ilford Sportsman Auto RF (Dacora Dignette E-B)
INA Navax
Ilca (Iloca prototype)
Iloca I v.1
Iloca I v.2
Iloca Ia v.1
Iloca Ia v.2
Iloca II
Iloca IIa v.1
Iloca IIa v.2
Iloca Aut-o-Matic
Iloca Electric
Iloca Quick v.1
Iloca Quick v.2
Iloca Quick v.3
Iloca Quick v.4
Iloca Quick-A
Iloca Quick-B
Iloca Rapid
Iloca Rapid-B
Iloca Rapid-B2
Iloca Rapid I
Iloca Rapid IL
Iloca Rapid A1
Iloca Rapid II
Iloca Rapid IIL
Iloca Rapid IIR
Iloca Rapid III
Iloca Stereo v.1
Iloca Stereo v.2
Iloca Stereo II
Iloca Stereo IIa
Iloca Stereo Rapid I
Iloca Stereograms 2.8
Iloca Stereo Rapid Stereograms
IOR Orizont (Altissa Altix IV variant)
Ising Isis
Ising Puck


Kalimar Reflex

Kershaw 630
Kiev 4 (Zeiss Ikon Contax III variant)
Kiev 4AM (Zeiss Ikon Contax II variant)
King Regula IC
King Regula IP
King Regula II
King Regula I-P
King Regula I-Po
King Regula I-C
King Regula I-A to I-F
King Regula IP.a
King Regula IIa
King Regula Cita
King Regula Citalux 300
King Regula Duchess
King Regula Gipsy
King Regula IP.o
King Regula ID
King Regula IID
King Regula IIIa
King Regula IIb
King Regula IIIb
King Regula IIIbk
King Regula IIIbk Automatic
King Regula IIIc
King Regula IIId
King Regula IIId Automatic
King Regula Cita III
King Regula Miniking-LK
King Regula R
King Regula RM
King Regula Super
King Regula Super Automatic
King Picca-mat
King Regulette
Klein IIa
KMZ Horizont
KMZ Moskva-4
KMZ Zenit-C
KMZ Zorki 1
Kochmann Korelle K
Kochmann Reflex Korelle
Kodak 35
Kodak 35 RF
Kodak Bantam RF
Kodak Bantam Special
Kodak Brownie 127
Kodak Duo 620
Kodak Instamatic 500
Kodak Instamatic Reflex (type 062)
Kodak No 2 Brownie
Kodak No 2 Folding Brownie
Kodak Medalist
Kodak Medalist II
Kodak Retina (type 117)
Kodak Retina (type 118)
Kodak Retina (type 119)
Kodak Retina II (Type 122)
Kodak Retina I (type 126)
Kodak Retina I (type 141)
Kodak Retina I (type 143)
Kodak Retina I (type 148)
Kodak Retina I (type 149)
Kodak Retina type 167
Kodak Retina I (type 010 early)
Kodak Retina I (type 010)
Kodak Retina I (type 013)
Kodak Retina Ia (type 015)
Kodak Retina Ib (type 018)
Kodak Retina IB (type 019)
Kodak Retina II (type 142)
Kodak Retina IIa (type 150
Kodak Retina II (type 011)
Kodak Retina II (type 014)
Kodak Retina IIa (type 016)
Kodak Retina IIc (type 020)
Kodak Retina IIC (type 029)
Kodak Retina IIIc (type 021)
Kodak Retina IIIc Ausf II
Kodak Retina IIIC (type 028)
Kodak Retina IIS (type 024)
Kodak Retina IIIS (type 027)
Kodak Retina Automatic I (type 038)
Kodak Retina Automatic II (type 032)
Kodak Retina Automatic III (type 039)
Kodak Retina IBS (type 040)
Kodak Retina IF (type 046)
Kodak Retina IIF (type 047)
Kodak Retina Reflex (type 025)
Kodak Retina Reflex S (type 034)
Kodak Retina Reflex III (type 041)
Kodak Retina Reflex IV (type 051)
Kodak Retina S2
Kodak Retinette (type 147)
Kodak Retinette II (type 160)
Kodak Retinette (type 012)
Kodak Retinette (type 017)
Kodak Retinette f (type 017/f)
Kodak Retinette (type 022)
Kodak Retinette f (type 022/f)
Kodak Retinette II (type 026)
Kodak Retinette I (type 030)
Kodak Retinette f (type 030/f)
Kodak Retinette IIB (type 031)
Kodak Retinette IA (type 035)
Kodak Retinette f (type 035/f)
Kodak Retinette IIA (type 036)
Kodak Retinette IB (type 037)
Kodak Retinette IA (type 042)
Kodak Retinette IA (type 044)
Kodak Retinette IB (type 045)
Kodak Signet 35
Kodak Six-20 Brownie
Kodak Six-20 'Brownie' C
Kodak Stereo
Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic
Kodak Vollenda 620
Konica I
Konica II
Konica III
Konica IIIA
Konica Auto S2
Konica Auto-S3
Konica C35 V
Konica Konilette 35
Konishiroku Pearl
KW Praktica
KW Praktina FX/ Praktina IIA

L Leica III

Leica IIIa

Leica IIIc
Leica IIIf BD
Leica M3
Leidolf Leidox
Leidolf Lordette
Leidolf Lordomat
Leidolf Lordomat C35
Leidolf Lordomat SE
Lordomat SLE
Leidolf Lordomat SLE v.2
Leidolf Lordomatic
Leidolf Lordomatic II
Leidolf Lordomatic IIR
Leidolf Lordox IIS
Leidolf Lordox 24x36
Leidolf Lordox BL
Leidolf Lordox Automat
Leidolf Lordox Super Automat
Leidolf Lordox 57 Baby
Leidolf Lordox 57 Junior
Leidolf Lordox 57 Primus
Leidolf Lordox Junior
Leidolf Lordox Junior B
Leidolf Lordox Blitz
Leidolf Unimatic 707
Lipca Flexora
Lipca Rollop 2.8 Automatic
LOMO Cosmic 35
Lustre Echoflex Semi Automat
Lumiere Eljy Club
Lumière Super Eljy

Mamiya Magazine 35

Mamiya Ruby Standard
Mastra V35 (King Regula IIIa variant)
Mentor Dreivier
Meopta Flexaret IVa
Merkel Metharette
Meyer Megor (Kochmann Korelle 3x4)
Mimosa I
Mimosa II
Minolta 24 Rapid
Minolta-35 Model-A
Minolta-35 Model-D
Minolta-35 Model-F
Minolta-35 Model II
Minolta-35 Model IIB
Minolta 'A'
Minolta 'A-2'
Minolta 'A-2' L
Minolta A 3
Minolta A 5
Minolta AL
Minolta AL-2
Minolta ALS
Minolta Auto Wide
Minolta Autocord
Minolta Autocord CdS
Minolta Autocord LM
Minolta Autopak 700
Minolta AL-E
Minolta AL-F
Minolta Baby
Minolta Electro Shot
Minolta ER
Minolta Hi-Matic
Minolta Hi-Matic 7
Minolta Hi-Matic 7S
Minolta Hi-Matic 7SII
Minolta Hi-Matic 9
Minolta Hi-Matic 11 Super 3 Circuit
Minolta Hi-Matic C
Minolta Hi-Matic E
Minolta Hi-Matic F
Minolta Hi-Matic G
Minolta Memo
Minoltaflex I
Minoltaflex II
Minolta Minoltina-P
Minolta Minoltina-S
Minolta Repo v1
Minolta Repo v2
Minolta Repo-S
Minolta Semi Model II
Minolta Semi Model IIIa
Minolta Semi-P
Minolta Six
Minolta SR-1
Minolta Super 'A'
Minolta Uniomat I
Minolta Uniomat II
Minolta Uniomat III
Minolta V2
Minolta Vest
Miranda DR
Miyagawa Picny
Miyagawa Boltax III
Mizuho Six
Montanus Rocca Super Reflex
MPP Iloca (Iloca Rapid IL)
MPP Micro Technical Camera Mark VI
Münch Rixa 4.5

Nagel Pupille

Nagel Ranca
Nagel Vollenda 48
Nedinsco Primo
Neidig Perlux
Neidig Perlux Ia
Neoca 2S
Nikon FM2n
Nikon S2

Oehler Infra v.1

Oehler Infra v.2
Oehler Infra v.3
Oehler Infra v.3b
Officine Galileo Condor I (aka Ferrania Condor I)
Officine Galileo Condoretta
Olympus 35
Olympus 35-K
Olympus-35 LC
Olympus 35 SP
Olympus Auto
Olympus Six
Olympus OM-2n MD
Olympus OM10
Olympus Pen-D
Olympus Pen F
Olympus Pen FT
Olympus Wide-E
Optina I (Akarette IA)
Optina 24x36 (Leidolf Lordox)
Optina IB (Arette IB)

P Pal M4

Pentacon F

Pentacon Praktisix IIa
Pentacon Six
Pentona II
Photavit II
Photavit III
Photavit IV
Photavit V
Photavit 36
Photavit 828
Photavit Photina II
Photrix Quick (Iloca Quick-B variant)
Photrix Rapid-B (Iloca Rapid-B)
Plaubel Makina IIS
Polaroid SLR 680
Prinz 35ER
Purma Special


Rank Mamiya

Reporter (Vredeborch Felica)
Reporter (King Regula Olympia Auto-Set III)
Richter Reflecta
Ricoh "35" S
Ricoh 800 EES
Ricoh Auto Shot
Riken Ricohmatic 225
Robot I
Robot II
Robot Recorder 36M
Robot Royal 36
Robot Star
Robot Star II Vollautomat 'No Name'
Rodehüser Panta
Rodenstock Citonette (Welta Perle)
Rodenstock Rodinett (Glunz Ingo)
Rodenstock Ysella Zeca Goldi)
Rollei B35
Rolleicord I Art Deco
Rolleicord IIe
Rolleicord Va
Rolleiflex 2.8E
Rolleiflex 3.5F
Rolleiflex Original
Rolleiflex Standard
Royer Savoya
Ruberg Futuro

Samoca 35 III

Samoca 35 Super Rangefinder
Samoca M-35
Samoca EE-28
Schwarzbauer Arex
Shinano Lacon
Steiner Steinette
Steinheil Casca

Tahbes Synchro Camera

Taron Marquis
Taron PR
Thornton Pickard Imperial 'Triple Extension'
Tiranty ST280 by King Regula
Togodo Toyoca 35
Trusite Girl Scout Minicam

USC35 (King Regula)

Universal Mercury II
Univex Iris

Vena Venaret

VFB Praktica V F
Vivitar 35ES
Voigtlander Bessa
Voigtländer Bessa II
(Cosina) Voigtländer Bessa-L (by Cosina)
Voigtländer Bessamatic
Voigtländer Dynamatic I
Voigtländer Prominent
Voigtländer Prominent II
Voigtländer Virtus
Voigtländer Vitessa A
Voigtländer Vitessa L
Voigtländer Vitessa N
Voigtländer Vitessa T
Voigtländer Vito I
Voigtländer Vito IIa
Voigtländer Vito III
Voigtländer Vito B
Voigtländer Vito BR
Voigtländer Vito CL
Voigtländer Vitomatic IIa
Vredeborch Nordina
Vredeborch Felicette

W Walz Automat 44

Welta 9x12 plate camera

Welta Belmira
Welta Gucki
Welta Penti II
Welta Perfekta
Welta Rheinmetall Weltax
Welta Trio
Welta Watson
Welta Welti
Welta Welti I
Welta Weltini II
Welta Weltur
Wenk Wenka II
Wittnauer Professional
Wirgin Edinex 0 v.1
Wirgin Edinex 0 v.2
Wirgin Edinex 0 v.3
Wirgin Edinex S
Wirgin Edinex I
Wirgin Edinex III
Wirgin Edina
Wirgin Edixa
Wirgin Edixa 16 -M-
Wirgin Edixa I-L
Wirgin Edixa II-L
Wirgin Edixa-Flex
Wirgin Edixa-Mat Reflex mod. B-L
Wirgin Edixa Stereo IIIA
Wirgin Gewirette
Wirgin Stereo
Wöhler Favor
WZFO Fenix-I
WZFO Fenix-Ib


Yashica 44 LM

Yashica 72-E
Yashica Electro 35
Yashica Half 17 Rapid
Yashica J-5
Yashica Lynx-14
Yashica Lynx-14E
Yashica Mimy

Zeca Goldi 3x4

Zeca Goldi 6x4
Zenith 80
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex II
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Beta
Zeiss Ikon Contarex 'Bullseye'
Zeiss Ikon Contax IIa
Zeiss Ikon Contax III
Zeiss Ikon Contax-S
Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35
Zeiss Ikon Contina I
Zeiss Ikon Icarette I
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex II
Zeiss Ikon Ikonette
Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 35 (aka Contina I)
Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 521
Zeiss Ikon Kolibri
Zeiss Ikon Mess Ikonta
Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8
Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2
Zeiss Ikon Nettar 517/16
Zeiss Ikon Nettax 513/16
Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta C (530/2)
Zeiss Ikon Super Nettel
Zeiss Ikon Taxona
Zeiss Ikon Tenax I
Zeiss Ikon Tenax II
Zeiss Ikon Tenax Automatic
Zenit 3M
Zimmerman Luxette
Zimmerman Luxette 'S'
Zorki 4K