Instruction manuals

Manuals for the following cameras can be downloaded from www.butkus.org, although they are not necessarily exactly the same. Contact me if you want a copy and I'll add it to my site.

Please click on the images to see enlarged versions.

Agfa Ambi Silette  instruction manualAgfa Ambi Silette (early model)
Agfa Super Silette instruction manualAgfa Super Silette
AKW Arette IA (Vario) instruction manualAKW Arette IA (Vario)
Balda Baldina instruction manualBalda Baldina
Carl Zeiss Werra I instruction manualCarl Zeiss Werra I
Franka Solida III instruction manualFranka Solida III
Halina Paulette Electric instruction manualHalina Paulette Electric
Iloca Quick-A instruction manualIloca Quick-A
Kodak 35 f/4.5 instruction manualKodak 35 f/4.5
Kodak Retina Ia instruction manualKodak Retina Ia 015
Kodak Retina IIa instruction manualKodak Retina IIa 016
Kodak Retina IB instruction manualKodak Retina IB 019/II
Kodak Retina IIIc small c instruction manualKodak Retina IIIc
Kodak Retina IIIC big C instruction manualKodak Retina IIIC
Kodak Retina Reflex  instruction manualKodak Retina Reflex III
Kodak Retina Reflex III instruction manualKodak Retinette type 017
Kodak Retinette I  instruction manualKodak Retinette I 030
Kodak Retinette IA  instruction manualKodak Retinette IA 035 Pronto
Kodak Retinette IB  instruction manualKodak Retinette IB 037
Konica Auto S2 instruction manualKonica Auto S2
Leidolf Lordomat instruction manualLeidolf Lordomat
Minolta A5 instruction manualMinolta A 5
Minolta AL-F instruction manualMinolta AL-F
Oshiro Emi-K instruction manualOshiro Emi-K Rollei B35 / C35 instruction manualRollei B35 / C35
Rolleicord Va instruction manualRolleicord Va
Wirgin Edixa I / II instruction manualWirgin Edixa I / II

Prontor-SVS shutter instruction manualProntor-SVS shutter

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