127 film


Lost and found

This roll of 127 film is of unknown origin. It was sent to me as unused but it was obviously exposed (the seller did send me an unexposed replacement). The guy at the film processing lab told me it needed to be developed using the obsolete C-22 process and therefore had to be put through B&W processing as C-41 would ruin it. On the negatives the film is marked as 'Kodak Safety Film 02361'. I managed to get rather poor-quality B&W scans of it. There's a lot of staining which I assume has to do with the age of the film, or perhaps the development process. There are a few that are quite clean though.
The images show a young family in their garden and at a farm. If you know by any chance who these people are, let me know, they might appreciate these long lost photographs!

The backing paper of this 127 rollfilm.