Certo Six


Certo Six samples

These are some shots taken with a Certo Six 6x6 camera on 120 rollfilm. This so-called 'working example' arrived with a non-functional rangefinder and a big blob of fungus in the lens. Luckily the lens cleaned up nicely with only minor coating damage. The rangefinder is still temperamental. The camera did well, it is not often I can see that all photos turned out well.
I took photos of the negatives with my digital camera on a light table and converted them to positives in Photoshop.

An overview of all photos converted from their negatives at the same time, so exposure and colour are comparable. The photos below have been converted individually, so exposure and colour can be biased that way.

Train carriage at the Technik Museum in Berlin, Germany, which also hosts a great photography exhibition (see description under Links).

Standard test shot from our front window.

View of Cramond Island near along the shores of the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh. I think the light reflections on the right are probably from when I photographed the negatives, not a light leak in the camera. A few more photos below suffered from this.

View towards Barnbougle Castle

Friends enjoying the views and the spring sunshine.

South Queensferry Railway Bridge.

Dalmeny House on the way back to Cramond.

Eroded lava blocks.

Friends enjoying the views and the spring sunshine.