Rolleicord Va


Rolleicord Va samples

These are some shots taken with a Rolleicord Va 6x6 camera on 120 rollfilm. They came out very well; TLRs are slowly turning into my favourite cameras to use, although I find handling them still slightly akward due to the mirrored image on the focusing screen.
I took photos of the negatives with my digital camera on a light table and converted them to positives in Photoshop.

Standard test shot from our front window.

Tobermory on the Isle of Mull in mid April. We were blessed with one of the best weekends of weather this year!

One of my favourites, the light worked great here.

Quintessential Tobermory shot. I still manage to keep my finger in front of the lens sometimes!

This shot called for a fill flash...oh well, better next time.

Keeping a TLR camera straight is still a struggle for me sometimes.

Eas Fors waterfalls along the road towards Ulva Island.

Loch Ba, still on Mull. Again not quite straight.