Leica IIIc


Leica IIIc samples

These are some shots taken with a Leica IIIc camera. This was really a simple test film to check if the camera was working ok, as it was impossible to check infinity focus with a frosted glass on the film gate. After all, the camera is a bottom loader and I didn't want to dismantle it.
Overall the results were excellent, the coated Elmar f/3.5 shows plenty of sharpness and little flare. I did use a sun hood for most pictures though. Encouraging results from this little Leica so time to bring it out for some more serious photography.
The film was a 200 ISO Fuji colour film and the photos are 300 dpi scans from 15x10 cm glossy prints, and then reduced in size to 1200 pixels.

This was taken at full aperture using the fastest shutter speed (1/1000s). The exposure looks spot on, so it appears the shutter works fine at its fastest speed, which was a bonus.

This was taken with the NOOKY close-up attachment and I was pleased to see that the focus was spot on. This is as close to the subject you can get and the aperture was fully open, despite this the background separation is not very impressive but you can't really expect too much from an f/3.5 lens.

Harbour of Portpatrick, a small fishing village on the southeast coast of Scotland.

Mull of Galloway lighthouse, the most southerly point in Scotland