Rolleicord IIe


Rolleicord IIe samples

These are some shots taken with a Rolleicord IIe 6x6 TLR camera on 120 rollfilm. All went smoothly with this camera although keeping it straight while looking at a mirrored image from above took some practice. The coated lens had a fair amount of flare, so perhaps it would be wise to invest in a lens hood. Rolleicord accessories are notoriously expensive though, due to competition from Rolleiflex owners, who seem to be happy to pay more.
The camera has a wind lock so one doesn't need to look through the red spy window, the spacing does not quite match in fact. No double exposure prevention though, so always wind on after taking a shot!

Edinburgh Castle from St Cuthbert cemetery

Statue of David Hum along the Royal Mile with St Giles' Cathedral in the background

Cadenhead's whiskey shop's own bottlings, highly recommended!

General Wade's Bridge crossing the River Tay in Aberfeldy. Whatever is covering the bottom-left corner was not in my viewfinder when I framed the shot!

Dull and Weem Parish Church, near Aberfeldy