Frank Solida IIIE


Frank Solida IIIE samples

These are some shots taken with a Frank Solida IIIE 6x6 camera on 120 rollfilm. A glaring (no pun intended) issue with camera was a significant lightleak visible on most photos below. Other than that the camera did a great job, the Radionar f/2.9 lens being plenty contrasty and sharp although I didn't really get to test it wide open.

Early sunshine at Drumochter Pass in the Cairngorms, Scotland.

Menzies Castle in Weem near Aberfeldy, Perthshire. A good place to get married!

The Glen Lochsie Burn near Dalmunzie Castle and Spittal of Glenshee, Perthshire.

A rocky section further upstream.

Remains of the old Dalmunzie Hotel railway, which was a private railway used to bring hunting parties up to the Hunting Lodge. Too bad it is no longer there, it would make a great attraction.

Stirling Castle

The Kelpies, a recently installed, stunning artwork along the M9 motorway from Edinburgh to Stirling.