Gelto D-III


Gelto D-III samples

Here are some shots taken with a Gelto D-III with a Grimmel Anastigmat lens. This is a 127 roll film camera, I used Efke R100 B&W film which had not yet expired. Negatives were commercially developed, then digitized using my DSLR and a lightbox.

The obligatory shot through my front window. There's a faint light leak at the bottom right corner.

Along the Forth of Firth near Cramond near Edinburgh. The lens is not doing too badly, some vignetting but only in the outer corners and keep in mind that I have stretched the frame as far as it goes.

Further along the coast. The light was very bright with lots of reflections, so no surprise that the uncoated Grimmel lens was struggling a little.

The Forth Railway Bridge in sight. The bottom right light leak is showing again, and from the wavy frame on the right it looks like the film wasn't kept perfectly flat.

This is what happens when you forget to extend the collapsible lens!

The same view as above with lens extended. The simple little viewfinder does not make it easy to keep the camera straight.

Holyrood Park, a former quarry site along the Salisbury Craggs.

Again, keeping the camera level is a challenge! Also, as the Gelto is a 'half frame' 127 camera with a vertical film frame, to get horizontal pictures one needs to rotate the camera on its side.

View of Edinburgh Old Town from path along the Salisbury Craggs.

Dynamic Earth and the Scottish Parliament Buildings with Calton Hill in the background.

View towards the south (Pentland Hills). Some flare in the lens here.

Some more flare. I am not quite sure why Efke prints such large numbers along the frame edge.