Photavit IV


Photavit IV samples

Here are some shots taken with a Photavit IV with Schneider-Kreuznach Radionar 37.5 cm f/3.5 in Compur-Rapid shutter. This camera takes 25x25 mm photos using its own cassette system. I loaded the supply cassette with Kodak BW400CN film, probably much too much as I got about 40 negatives, much more than the 28 the frame counter can handle.

Part of a strip of the negatives. I used Kodak BW400CN, a B&W film that can be developed using the C-41 colour process.

The same strip after conversion to B&W in Photoshop.

Cental York, England. A bit of a light leak on the right side because I accidentally opened the back of the camera with film loaded. This is the benefit of the cassette system, instead of a ruined film, only one image lost.

Shot with aperture wide open, the Radionar still shows excellent sharpness.

Another shot wide open, this is about the maximum of background blur one can get.

The Dominion Cinema in Edinburgh, with the modern cars ruining the vintage look!

The Ettrick Hotel in Merchiston, Edinburgh. Great beer garden!