Retinette IA


Retinette IA type 035 samples

These are some shots taken with a Retinette IA type 035 with a Schneider-Kreuznach Reomar 50/3.5 lens and Vero shutter. I did not scan these but photographed the negatives on a light box and inverted them in Photoshop. Only afterwards I noticed a yellowish haze on some of the pictures, most clearly visible in the fourth photo. I took me a while to figure out it had to do with the glass plate I used to keep the negatives flat.
I can't remember the exact film, I think it was 400 ISO Fuji film. Did not write down shutter speeds and apertures either, but most of these were done by 'sunny 16' and the weather was bright... Not the most testing conditions but I was pretty pleased with the results anyway.
For those wondering, these were taken in Edinburgh, Scotland.